Monday, May 9, 2011


Zine submission is 8.5" x 11", mixed media, 2011
Cunt is variable size, wool felt, acrylic fleece, acrylic yarn, nylon hosiery, elastic, 2009

Piece I did for Fucking Trans Women #1 (to be titled Fully Functional (?)), dunno when it should be coming out, but I really dig it (the zine and the piece). That photo is of a plush, strap-on vag I made while I was in school, it's totally fully functional!

Raw Pie

8.5" x 11", pen on paper, 2011

Submission finished for Dirtstar's 2011 zine,
Dishin' the Dirt.
Dunno if it'll get in there (it's late and I should totally know better), but here it is regardless.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rise! Rise!

so, after months and months of interviews and try outs, I've finally gotten a candidacy at Arizmendi Bakery's newest location in my neighborhood. Literally the day after I got the call, I was asked to come be in a group photo for a potential guardian photo, and viola! I find myself on the cover while at work (the job i'm leaving this sunday) yesterday!

I'm ridiculously psyched (can you tell by the goofy and elated grin on my face?) to have this opportunity to become a well-trained and practiced baker and to get to be a part of the community at this bakery (click the photo for the article). I can't help but think about a sculptural bread book I saw at Gravel and Gold here in the mission, bread sculptures from Parsons students nonetheless. Maybe I need to start using sourdough as a medium.

maybe bread-dildos (brealdos?) are in my future?